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Computer Class Grading Rubric & Grade Sheet

The Computer Class Performance Rubric is ideal for evaluating Middle and High School students' performance. Computer teachers most often have many students to assess, and this rubric provides an easy format to save time and be fair with grading.

I give these to my students along with the activity directions of what they need to do. It not only provides clear boundaries for what is expected in their work but also with behavior. I have found it to be highly effective for both!

Also included is a grade sheet where you can log rubric points and record entire class grades for each assignment.

Mix and Match Report Card Comments for Computer Teachers!

Using this checklist allows you to narrow down the qualities and/or needs of the student you are trying to create a comment for. Combine two or three that represent what you think is most important to express on their current report card.

Computer Teacher Planner

The Computer Teacher Planner is easy to use and can be used year after year! It will help keep you super organized with its friendly features. You have the choice of typing directly into the fields provided, or print the planner out to fill-in by hand. There are (3) main areas of interest in this product. They are:

1. 52 weekly planning pages—each week includes one page to enter lesson plans and another for any notes or websites you may use during that week One advantage to typing in your website information is that once you type the web address, it will automatically create a link to that site from the planner.

2. Websites I Want to Remember—there is lots of space to store website information that you may want to keep for future use. You can even categorize and sort your data.

3. Grading Rubric—the “Computer Class Performance Rubric” is a great tool to help you not only grade your students’ activities, but is helpful in planning a lesson. Use it as a reminder of lesson objectives. This form can be customized to add an activity name, student info, points and notes. I create one for each activity I assign and hand it to students at the start of each class. I find they make fewer mistakes and pay more attention to details!

***PLEASE NOTE: This planner was designed in Microsoft Word 2010 and may be altered if used in any other version.