3-5 Lesson Plans & Activities

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Word Processing Products

All About Fonts--Skills Bundle for Computer (Grades K-3)

EASY...INTERACTIVE...READY-TO-USE ACTIVITIES! This pack of three MS Word font activities is a solid tool for teaching students in K-3 how to change, color, and re-size fonts! Each activity is interactive and ready to use. Just copy each MS Word file to the computers you wish to use them on. Each activity is enough to fill a 30-40 minute class period. Kids will easily be able to complete each one after a simple demonstration.

Let's Type Bundle--MS Word Activities for K-3

In this bundle, you will have 3 activities to use year after year to keep your students busy for at least 3 class periods! Young children enjoy these typing activities which help them recognize and type each letter and number on the keyboard.

In "Animal Alphabet Typing Activity," students practice typing the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet. In "Let's Type Words," students enjoy the satisfaction of typing short words. And, in "Let's Type Numbers," students practice typing numbers 1-20.

These Microsoft Word files are child-friendly in the sense that children can only type in designated fields which keeps the rest of the document text and images locked in place. You can download these documents now and copy it to your classroom or computer lab computers!

Command Match for MS Word! Grades 3-8

In this interactive Microsoft Word lesson, students in grades 3-8 learn where to find some of the more common ribbon commands. Students drag the correct commands to the proper ribbon tabs.

Younger students benefit from trying this activity several times with the goal to be quicker with each attempt. Middle school students enjoy a competition to see who finishes first while working alone or in pairs.

When done, students can print it out and use it as a reference sheet!

Jack Loves the Snow: MS Word Skills--Cut, Copy & Paste for Grades 3-5

In this activity, step-by-step visual and written directions are provided making it easier for young learners. Students type a few short sentences about Jack the dog who loves the snow. They restructure a short paragraph while typing and practicing the cut, copy and paste commands.

Thanksgiving MS Word & Internet Research Activity for Grades 3-5

Packed with practical computer skill objectives, this activity will help students in grades 3-5 demonstrate typing, copying and pasting text, inserting clip art, and finding information online in this Thanksgiving activity.

This file includes 2 files:

(1) Student file with simple directions to guide students to (1) find Thanksgiving-related definitions using a hyperlink to an online dictionary where they will copy and paste text.. (2) insert clip art, and (3) find information online using an additional hyperlink and type their findings into the document table.

(2) Teacher Instructions

-Tips and instructions provide educators with directions for a smooth lesson demonstration.

User friendly directions, highly effective results & a fun technology experience for you and your students!

Summer Favorites--A Microsoft Word Activity for Grades 3-6

Great BACK-TO-SCHOOL activity!

Kids love personal projects where they can share their own life experiences. In this activity, students settle into a new school year as they type about "summer favorites."

This activity provides opportunity for the following skill building:

* typing

* changing fonts and font colors

* graphics art design

A fun and welcoming activity!

Internet Hunt & Poster Creation for State Facts for Grades 3-6

In this activity, students will gather information from Internet sources to create a poster of one of America’s states.

This activity can be copied to computers so students can work directly with the file in Microsoft Word. Links to websites are provided--so, students can click on links that will take them directly to websites containing the info and pictures they need.

I love this type of activity that allows many students to work independently. This frees me up to move throughout the computer lab to work with students who have specific questions about the activity.

Grab & Go Stories Pack Word Processing Activity for Grades 3-6

This pack contains 20 cards with kid-friendly instructions for setting up and creating stories in Microsoft Word or other word processing programs. Just print out the cards, cut and laminate them for long lasting use. Keep them in a place where kids can grab them and go!

These cards can be used for an entire class activity as well as for fill-ins. Here are some helpful ideas when using this product:

* Store cards numerically in an accessible place such as an index box where kids can access them easily. This way if they get done with an assigned project, they can independently grab a card and go to it!

* Keep the chart included in this packet handy so kids can check off each story they finish.

* If your students are familiar with adding clipart, you may want to have them add a picture or two to their story.

CRAZY Stories--A Word Processing Activity for Grades 3-8

In this contagious activity, students use a word processing program to work together, develop their keyboarding and word processing skills, and have tons of fun creating crazy stories! Use for whole class period or 5 minute fillers!

My students often ask for this activity in favor of having “free-time” (playing computer games at the end of class).

*Caution: This activity may produce fits of giggling upon completion!

Creating Hieroglyphic Alphabets--MS Word Activity for Grades 4-8

Students use MS Word to create their own personal hieroglyphic alphabet and put together a mystery message for others to solve! This is a fabulous activity for Valentine's Day--students can make multiple copies for classmates which will give them another activity to complete at their desks. A two for one deal which my students LOVE :)

Happy New Year Around the World--Word Processing Activity Gr 4-8

Kids love hearing words in other languages. In this easy-to-follow word processing activity, students will add clip art, work with fonts, and create a table showing how "Happy New Year" is said in other languages.

Internet Hunt for Fun Facts about Me, My Birthday & the Year I Was Born (Gr 5-8)

In this fun & easy activity for grades 5-8, both Internet and MS Word skills are applied. Students look for fun facts and incorporate them into a poster in Microsoft Word. Included in this file are directions for teacher, student, and ready-to-use Word document directions and poster.

Gratitude Jars (or Bags) Activity (Gr. 5-8)

Students will use Microsoft Word, or other word processing program, to create gratitude messages. They will then fill a jar or paper bag with their messages and give them to a relative, friend, teacher, coach, etc.

Students love this fun and creative Christmas activity where they use many word processing skills. It is a definite favorite in my computer lab!

Spreadsheet Activities

Christmas Fill Color Activity for MS Excel! Interactive Excel file included!

Students love this interactive holiday project! It is a great lesson for those just learning Excel as well as a fun holiday activity for those who are already familiar with the program.

This product includes an Excel file that students open and work in! They will use the “fill tool” to color specific colors into each cell to create a holiday picture and then uncover a picture caption when they are done.

The included worksheet is protected, so only active cells can be formatted which eliminates accidental changes in the wrong cells!

PowerPoint Activities

Martin Luther King PowerPoint Activity for Grades 5-8

In this step-by-step activity, students will create a PowerPoint presentation featuring 5 quotes by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Students will gather their quotes online to create a simple presentation.

Internet Activities

This Grades 3-8 activity provides some creative fun and a great finished product to hang in classrooms and hallways. Wordle is an online application which turns words into artistic collages. Since words are the source of art, a Wordle collage can be incorporated with any subject!

Nelson Mandela Bundle Pack for Grades 3-6 (MS Word & Internet Activities)

The interactive activities in this pack will provide a fun, useful learning experience highlighting major events of Nelson Mandela's life. Students have access to a safe, age appropriate website that has been designed specifically for these activities!

This bundled pack should provide work for at least (2-3) 40 minute class periods. Lessons can be broken into smaller chunks as well. Included in this pack are:

1. Nelson Mandela Internet Hunt & Poster Creation for Grades 3-6

2. Nelson Mandela Interactive Cloze Activity for Grades 3-6 (with Answer Key for teacher)

3. Teacher Instructions

Each interactive document in this pack comes with:

• easy-to-follow instructions.

• a link to a safe, kid-friendly website I designed that has no ads or links to any outside sources.

• permission to download these files to all of the computers in your classroom.

Keyboarding Program

Typing Program for Grades 5-8 by Computer Teacher Solutions

My students love this typing program! This easy to use program works directly in Microsoft Word, so there is no software to download! Purchasing one copy gives you the freedom to use it in one classroom/computer lab on all computers in that room. No licensing fees to pay or expensive software to download. Additional licensing fees apply only if you would like to use this program in more than one classroom.

To get started, just copy the files in this program to students’ computers. Students just open up each interactive file in Microsoft Word and work at their own pace. That’s all there is to it!

This program consists of:

* 7 Units (each unit includes 2 or more lessons)

* A variety of typing modules to hold interest

* Whimsical typing material and illustrations

* Tips and motivational advice

Please download my FREE 6 page preview file and try it for yourself!